Sunday, 1 April 2018

My Favourite Samsung Themes

Here are previews and names of the themes I use the most from the Samsung Theme Store. I don't really use the themes for the icons, wallpapers or keyboard skins as I use Nova Launcher and Swiftkey, I mainly use to skin the rest of the phone.

Some things aren't pictured, some themes come with Always On Display images and other aspects of the design of the phone.

[HIO] Pure Pink

I'm currently using this theme and it's probably one of my most favourites out of all on this list. I use it when in a pastel kinda mood.

T-cute Round rabbit
Another cute pastely theme.

EiD - Colorful
I use this one when (obviously!) in a colourful mood.

[Anup] Gradient Pink Black Edition
A nice pink and black theme. I especially like the messages in this one,

[notefolio] Moonlight Hangang River [Premium]
I don't know what it is about this theme, I think it's the colours. I love it for when I'm in a minimal but colourful mood.

[aire] Black Pink
Another pink and black theme, a bit more toned down though.

Material Dark (Android 7+)
When I'm in a minimal mood but don't want just black and white I use this theme, I love the custom navigation bar too.

[SHMO] Light Pink Neon
Pink everywhere!

Another pink theme but lots of white too for a more simple look.

For those times I want black and white.

[SHMO] Hot Pink Valentines
And last but not least a very girly hot pink and black theme!

These are all the themes I keep using over and over and found to be the best quality and worth the money (for the paid ones). Hopefully you will see something you like and got some ideas :D .

Friday, 30 March 2018

6 New Font TTFs

Felt like porting some more, so here they are!

Also, for those of you on Oreo, you don't need to restart your phone after replacing the fonts with new ones as previously stated, so you won't be needing a computer every time you choose to do so!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Custom Fonts For Oreo Workaround

If like me you love being able to use whatever font you want but have updated to Oreo making the old wings.apk method no longer able to work then read on!

It's a bit of a pain in the butt, but can't complain when you still get to use custom fonts and have those new Oreo emoji (plus other features of course :P)

**PLEASE NOTE** You may want to back up your current Wings.apk as it may be better to uninstall it off of your device if still on there before starting this process.

Before We Start
- You will Need a Samsung Galaxy Phone, I don't think this works on other Android devices.
- You will also need a Windows or Mac Desktop Computer.

First, Download These On Your Phone!

Turn on Developer Mode (how to >HERE<) then in Developer options turn on USB Debugging Mode.

Second, Download AND EXTRACT This Onto Your Computer (Choose the Right File For Your Computer Type!)

Once you've done all of the above we are ready to begin.

Step 1
Make sure the Wings.apk you downloaded has been installed on your phone.

Step 2
Connect your phone to your PC

Step 3
Double click the "start_andromeda" batch file you downloaded onto your PC.

Step 4
Follow the on screen prompt to press any key. Your phone should automatically now load up Substratum Theme Engine.

Step 5
The Wings APK should show up like this in Substratum-

If it doesn't, try restarting your phone. 
***You will have to leave your phone plugged into your computer as every phone restart needs you to do Steps 3 and 4 again! Please be aware of this!***

Step 6
Press on the Wings APK option as shown above. It should take you to a screen like this;

Step 7
Put a tick next to where it says "Foundation" then press "Select Fonts Package".

Step 8
You'll want to install both of the ones I've marked below. But you will need to do this individually so select one of them.

Step 9
Next, press the black circle button in the lower right and out of the options select "Build And Update".

Step 10
Repeat this process on the second font package, making sure "Foundation" is ticked again.

Step 11

Back out to the main Substratum screen and select "Manager" on the bottom tab. If you don't see these two Foundations then you may need to restart your phone. Remember you need to repeat steps 3 and 4 if you restart!

Step 12

Put a check mark next to both of these packages and then select the black circle button in the bottom right. Select the option "Enable Selected".

Step 12
Take a look in your phone Settings>Display>Fonts and you should have a bunch of fonts here now. You can use most of these fonts! If the fonts aren't there, again, restart your phone following steps 3 and 4 again.

If you wish to go further and be able to use your own TTF fonts, please read on!

Step 1
Download APK Editor from the PlayStore.

Step 2
Make sure you have font TTFs you want to use on your phone already.

Step 3
Open APK Editor and choose the "Select APK From App" option.

Step 4
Scroll down until you see these two files. You need to make sure you choose the correct one. I've marked the correct one below;

Step 5
Press "Simple Edit (File Replacement)"

Step 6
Go to "Assets" then "Fonts". You will see a list of TTFs. Now you need to know which ones to replace, this is where it becomes a pain because only certain ones will work and replace correctly. I've listed below the compatible ones I've found so far, just to get you started.

Press the "pen and paper edit icon" for each font I've listed below (or any you wish to try yourself) and then select the TTF you already have downloaded to replace it.  Then move onto the next if you wish to install more than one font.

I know this is tedious but you will get faster and more used to it after doing it a few times.

List of Compatible Fonts To Replace In The List I've Found -
- xq55-cocon-merged
- symphony
- segoe - ui - z
- segoe - ui - il
- segoe - ui - i
 - segoe - ui - bold
- segoe - ui
- Pushblack
- Keltonn
- Handlee
- Zeta fonts (3 of them)
- Yosemite (some of the many)

You can discover the others yourself over time. This is just to get you started.

Step 7
Once you're done replacing with the TTFs you want, Press "Save" at the bottom and then "Remove". Once removed press "Install"

Step 8 *UPDATE*
Once installed you will need to restart your phone again. And again, you will still need to be plugged in to your computer in order to repeat steps 3 and 4! Told you it was a pain in the ass lol.

Step 9
Go to the "Manager" section in Substratum and select the two packages again. Press the black circle button in the bottom right again and disable the packages. Then select both packages again, press the black circle button again and enable both packages again.


Step 10
Go to your phone settings and bring up the fonts again, now you should see some custom ones you just replaced with.

These are the exact steps I took from start to finish. I couldn't possibly go into any more detail so if it doesn't work for you then start from the beginning and keep trying!

You only need to repeat the second section of this guide if you want to add more custom fonts in the future.

Hope this helps!