Saturday, 17 February 2018

Android Apps That I Use to Customise My Device

I've had a few questions regarding how I do this and that on my Galaxy S8 when it comes to customising it, so here is a brief guide letting you know what I use to get the desired and personal look you're after!

Nova Launcher
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For the main app to complete skin the home and app drawer screens that I use, it's Nova Launcher AND Nova Launcher Prime. You will need Prime as well in order to unlock all features including badges and such.

Nova Launcher allows you to change your icons, use badges which you can customise, use custom folders and so much more. It is worth every penny and is the only launcher on Android that I will use!

Tip - To change your icons, while using Nova Launcher long press on the icon you would like to change and press edit or the pencil icon. In the following options select Gallery and that will take you to your Gallery pictures. Select the icon you will to use (assuming you've already downloaded some) and go through the options until it is set.


I use ChompSMS to replace my stock messages application. It is highly customisable simply by pressing the 3 dots in the upper right corner and taking a look at the many options provided to you.

GB Insta

To get a themable Instagram, you will want to download GB Insta. Unfortunately this isn't on the Play Store, so please refer to Brenda's post >HERE< for more information on where to download.

Zooper Widget Pro

Zooper Widget Pro is the main widget app that I use in order to create and use custom widgets. There are so many options, but you really need to take the time to look into everything in order to learn how to correctly use it if you wish to create your own widgets from scratch.

Wings APK (Fonts)

Being able to use fonts again without rooting is the best ever! To do this you will need to download an APK which isn't found on the Play Store. For more information on where to download, and also how to use your own custom fonts please refer to Tyesha's post >HERE<.


Swiftkey is the 3rd party keyboard application that I have used for years. In terms of customising, Swiftkey now offers the option to add a background of your choosing to the keyboard. Just go to Themes and then choose Custom on the top tab.

BeWeather Pro

I use BeWeather Pro in order to have custom weather icons on my home screen, I use a different weather app to check the weather, though. Please note you can no longer download BeWeather Pro from the Play Store. Instead, search 'BeWeather Pro APK' on Google and download the APK.

Tip - To use custom BeWeather Pro Icons, download the chosen icon set and move it to 'BeWeather' once BeWeather is installed on your device. Make sure you downloaded the extra content when prompted when first opening BeWeather. To access and choose the icon set, open BeWeather Pro and press the 3 dots in the top right corner, then select Settings then IconSet and pick the one you want.

So those are my main apps that I currently use to customise my phone as much as possible! I hope some of the information helped. Happy theming!

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