Friday, 16 February 2018

Favourite Android Apps Early 2018

Hi guys and gals!

I thought I would make a blog post showcasing my current favourite Android applications. Maybe you will find something new here that you will also love! So without further ado, lets begin.

One thing I need on my phone is a reminders app, and this is my favourite one when using Android. You can make categories, have widgets and much more. I also like the notification system that it uses, bringing a popup up from the bottom of the screen when a reminder is due, with options to snooze or complete the task. Definitely worth a look if you need reminding of things every day!

Baby Pics
The next 3 apps will be for those ladies who are pregnant, these are my favourite pregnancy-related apps. This one is called Baby Pics, it has many sections of cute artwork to put over pictures. Love!

Hi Mommy
Hi Mommy is a minimal app with daily posts such as the one shown, dependant on how far along in your pregnancy you are. It's simple and cute!

My most favourite pregnancy app by the creators of my favourite period tracking app 'Glow'. I love the daily updates with what's happening at that stage of your pregnancy, and I also love the forums to talk to other ladies who are pregnant.

Weather Timeline
A very accurate and customisable weather application, and by far my favourite! It provides a lot of information or current and future weather, and the interface is brilliant.

Chomp SMS
Chomp SMS is my favourite third party SMS app. I don't really send a lot of text messages these days, but when I do I love to use an app that is highly customisable to match a theme I'm using.

Collage Maker
After switching over to Android I missed the Photo Quilt app I used on my iPhone to create Facebook profile banners and such. So after trying a bunch of collage apps, I landed on this one which is perfect for just that!

Countdown For Events
I used Dreamdays on iPhone, however I don't like their Android version so I use this app instead which is just as good and effective!

Wizard Memo
I use Wizard Memo to quickly jot down notes to post on Instagram. You can get themed versions of the app from various websites, I will try to get some new ones up in the future!

GB Insta
Instagram but a highly themable version! You will have to download the apk from a website if you want to use this as it's not on the Play Store. Refer to Brenda's post >HERE< for more information.

Google Keep
Just like with reminders, I need an app for all my notes! I am currently using Google Keep which does everything I need it to do.

As I like creating widgets, I use this app to grab the colour hex code off of wallpapers or icons I'm currently using so I can match the widgets as best as possible. I also use the codes for my custom Instagram, Chomp SMS and Tweetings themes!

Google Rewards
I love this app! Basically get paid to take short surveys whenever they pop up. I've so far gotten almost 60p within a week from 3 surveys. You can use this money in the Play Store to buy apps and such.

Screener is the app I use to put my screenshots within a phone frame. This app has pretty much any device frame, so take a look if you like putting your screenshots in frames to post!

Smoke Free
For anyone looking to quit smoking, or if you already have quit, this is an amazing app to show you multiple stats including how much money you've saved and how far in your health you are progressing for how long you haven't been smoking for.

Swiftkey will always be my favourite third party keyboard. The text predictions are spot on, the typing is fluent and clean and even better they've now added the option to have your own personal background as the keyboard (there are quite a few nice preset themes to choose from too).

I love the stock Twitter app, but when it comes to themable options Tweetings is the way to go! It has a lot of options and a great interface.

What The Font
I've recently came across this app which is quite useful. If you see a font you like, take a screenshot and then use this app to upload it. The app then searches online and tells you what font it is or the nearest match and also where you can get it!

and finally...


Word Swag is in my opinion the best app for when you want to add some nice text options to photos or make a statement. So many options, so many fonts, overall amazing app.

So that's all of my current favourite apps which are definitely worth checking out if you're on the lookout for some new things. I may make another post like this at the end of the year if I have more apps to share, I hope you enjoyed this post and find something you like!



  1. I loved the blog, this perfect and clear .. The tips of apps was also very good, could share more apps you use, so would help us to know something new, love to have new apps useful ... And you can share your wizard memo theme? this beautiful, about the blog, was forgetting, could have the option to follow would be cool, kisses and congras!!!🌹❤

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your kind words :) . I will for sure upload some Wizard Memo themes in the future. I've added the option to follow my blog, it's on the right hand side of the website if you scroll down. Many thanks :D - Lou.

  2. Tnx 😍.. I am already following❤

  3. Hello, great post! I just wondered which Collage Maker it is on PlayStore? There's 3 and I can't figure out which one! TIA 😁❤️

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