Sunday, 1 April 2018

My Favourite Samsung Themes

Here are previews and names of the themes I use the most from the Samsung Theme Store. I don't really use the themes for the icons, wallpapers or keyboard skins as I use Nova Launcher and Swiftkey, I mainly use to skin the rest of the phone.

Some things aren't pictured, some themes come with Always On Display images and other aspects of the design of the phone.

[HIO] Pure Pink

I'm currently using this theme and it's probably one of my most favourites out of all on this list. I use it when in a pastel kinda mood.

T-cute Round rabbit
Another cute pastely theme.

EiD - Colorful
I use this one when (obviously!) in a colourful mood.

[Anup] Gradient Pink Black Edition
A nice pink and black theme. I especially like the messages in this one,

[notefolio] Moonlight Hangang River [Premium]
I don't know what it is about this theme, I think it's the colours. I love it for when I'm in a minimal but colourful mood.

[aire] Black Pink
Another pink and black theme, a bit more toned down though.

Material Dark (Android 7+)
When I'm in a minimal mood but don't want just black and white I use this theme, I love the custom navigation bar too.

[SHMO] Light Pink Neon
Pink everywhere!

Another pink theme but lots of white too for a more simple look.

For those times I want black and white.

[SHMO] Hot Pink Valentines
And last but not least a very girly hot pink and black theme!

These are all the themes I keep using over and over and found to be the best quality and worth the money (for the paid ones). Hopefully you will see something you like and got some ideas :D .

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