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This section covers some tutorials that you may find handy.

How to Add Custom Pictures Behind Zooper Polaroid Frame

To start off you will need Zooper Widgets Pro installed on your device and also the Polaroid Frame I made which can be found >HERE<.

After downloading, place the widget in ZooperWidgets>Templates. Then long press on your homescreen to select Zooper Widgets. You will want to make the widget box size big enough to fit the Polaroid in. Once you've done this, select SD Card and select the Polaroid widget.

Side Note - You may wish to first crop the personal picture in Gallery before starting, in a wide rectangular shape in order to fit inside the frame without overlapping.

Step One

Press 'Layout'.

Step Two

Press the plus sign icon on the top bar.

Step Three

Scroll down and select 'Bitmap'.

Step Four

Select 'Bitmap' - this will bring up your Gallery. Select the photo you would like to put inside the frame,

Step Five

One the picture is open, it will be in front of the frame. So press your back button so we can put it behind before resizing.

Step Six

You will now see two Bitmap Sections. One is the frame, the other the photo. Press and hold the two arrows by the bottom Bitmap and drag it above the top one.

Now the frame is on top of the photo.

Step Seven

Now we want to resize and move the photo until it is in the perfect position behind the frame. To resize, dabble with the 'Scale' option.

To change the position dabble with the X Offset and Y Offset until it's in the correct position.

Step Eight

Once you are happy with the position, press back and then press the home button to go to your home screen.

And your done! My picture wasn't cropped properly which is why you see it hanging out the bottom, but if you crop yours correctly you won't see that!


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